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CLF Limited Edition Prints

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The Canadian Lacrosse Foundation is a charitable organization established as an initiative of the Canadian Lacrosse Association to address the long term health and growth of Lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport.

Limited Edition Prints

The CLF is proud to offer one-of-a-kind Limited Edition Lacrosse-Themed Prints and Posters for purchase, with all proceeds going to support a legacy fund for the game of lacrosse and the Jim Bishop Trust Fund.

Over the years, the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation has produced a set of limited-edition lacrosse themed prints and posters of one-of-a-kind artwork that it sells to support a legacy fund for the game of lacrosse and the Jim Bishop Trust Fund. The artwork below reflects a historical or cultural perspective of the game of lacrosse. In purchasing these prints you are investing in the future of lacrosse. The Canadian Lacrosse Foundation will pursue worthwhile projects that would otherwise not be addressed. These projects will help grow the game we love so much.

Cost of a Print or Poster 

Prints: The cost of each print is $150.00 (Ontario residents add $19.50 for HST), shipping and handling is included.
Posters: The cost of each poster is $25.00 (Ontario residents add $3.25 for HST), plus $7.50 for shipping and handling.

Ordering a Print or Poster

The CLA will process orders*  by mail, email, or phone:
Please go to the information page on the CLA site Limited Edition Lacrosse-Themed Prints and Posters which also includes larger images and to read the story behind each design.
*Please allow 4-6 weeks for order processing.

Lacrosse Warrior is the fifth (2003) in a series of limited edition prints produced by the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation to honour the game of Lacrosse and one of its greatest coaches and builders – the late Jim Bishop. 
The original artwork for this piece, as well as future originals will be presented each year as the "Jim Bishop Memorial Award" to the Minto Cup (National Junior A Championship) athlete who best exemplifies leadership, skill, sportsmanship, and the spirit of the game.   This painting was created by Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy, recipient of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002. As Alan's exploration of painting and his understanding of Mi'Kmaq spiritualism expanded, his confidence and ability grew with it. Since his family is where he is centered, everything else is exterior. He feels that he has gained the inner strength to conceptualize his spiritualism. Simplicity of line and colour and uncomplicated symbolism now gives his work a cleanness and strength. From this point of beginning he incorporates new themes and mediums to insure his artistic progression. Elements of Mi'kmaq petroglyph records found throughout Nova Scotia provide some inspiration for the developing of his general theme, which is his expression of the pride and understanding attached to his cultural heritage.   Lacrosse Warrior, delves back to the time when many conflicts were avoided, through a game of Lacrosse instead of all-out war. The player himself is symbolized as a hawk, known for its cunning, strength, stamina and keen eyesight, the same attributes needed by the lacrosse player. Represented, however, in a modern fashion to show that the game, while coming from our aboriginal past, has been opened up to any and all players with the hawk's attributes.

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