Thank you for considering a donation to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame is a registered charity established in 1964. Our mission is to share the stories of our inducted Honoured Members so that we can inspire all Canadians with the feats of the players and builders of Canada's National Summer Sport. The Hall is more than a repository of names and photos of our greatest players, builders and teams; it is also the keeper of our national summer sport's history.

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Donations may be made by credit card through our payment processor Stripe.

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Donations may be directed to one of these funds:

General support to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Funds will be applied by the Governors of the CLHoF as appropriate to current needs (may be Museum Build Out, web Development and Deployment, Archives, Operations, or special projects).

Museum Build-out:

Add Display Cabinets and other fixtures to Canadian lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum located in the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, BC. This will allow more items to be displayed at any one time and facilitate rotating displays in addition to the existing permanent displays.

We rely on your support to recognize and share the valuable stories of our sport's greatest heroes with the next generation. Please consider making a tax receiptable donation to ensure the legacy of our Honoured Members is never forgotten and to support the Museum in its misssion to preserve and grow our extraordinary collection.

Virtual Museum - Web, Archives, Special Projects to bring our Hall of Fame and Museum experience across the entire county.

Our aim is to have as a rich, vibrant experience in St.Johns - or anywhere - as if in the Physical Hall in New Westminster.