To be considered for the CLHoF Class of the 2024, Nominations must be received by February 29, 2024

For the complete Rules and Regulations for Election to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, please click here: induction criteria or the nomination form


Who may be inducted?

There are four (4) Inductee Categories:


Eligible male/female Player Inductees must have concluded their careers as “active players” (defined as a regular-roster player for any teams in the WLA, MSL, professional box or field leagues) for a minimum of five (5) years to be eligible for election as an Honoured Member. The Governing Board may waive this requirement in a given case at its sole discretion. Players shall be chosen on the basis of playing ability, sportsmanship, character and contribution to their team and to the game of lacrosse in general.


An eligible Builder Inductee is any individual who has, in a non-Player capacity, made a significant contribution to the sport of lacrosse. Ie. Coaches, Administrators, Support Staff, Officials, Members of the Media, etc. Builders may be inactive or active at time of nomination; there is no period of inactivity for Builders.


Veteran candidates must have concluded their careers as active players prior to 1965 to be eligible for election as an Honoured Member. For clarity, in the year 2005, eligibility was advanced to 1970 and, thereafter, was advanced in five-year increments every fifth year. Thus, in 2015, eligible Veteran candidates must have concluded their careers in 1980 (or before) to be eligible.


Team candidates may be elected each year based on outstanding achievement in a single season or domination over a specific period of time. The Team(s) so honoured must have attained a high level of achievement and brought recognition to the sport of lacrosse at the national or international levels.

How many nominees are inducted each year?

The quota of Player Inductees to be elected each year shall be two (2) from Eastern Canada and two (2) from Western Canada unless otherwise directed from the Governing Board.
The election of one (1) Builder Inductee may be made by the Eastern and Western Selection Committees each year.
One (1) Veteran player from Eastern Canada and one Veteran player from Western Canada may be elected for induction into the Veterans category each year. There shall be no distinction between box lacrosse or field lacrosse, nor men or women, in the Veterans category.
One (1) Team, if any, may be elected annually for induction into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

How do I submit my application for Inductee Consideration?

You may download induction criteria or the nomination form by clicking this link. Complete the form and, at the time of submission, please ensure any supplemental items are attached to the Nomination form.

If you prefer you may now use our online nomination form

What is the deadline for Nominations Forms to be received?

Nominations for election as Honoured members must be made in writing and must be filed with the Chairs of the Eastern and Western
Selection committee’s, or the Governing Board Secretary, by no later than MARCH 1ST of the current year. Applications received after the deadline will be reserved for the next year's nomination and induction process.

Mail to:
Governing Board Secretary c/o Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
777 Columbia Street
New Westminster BC
V3M 1B6

or email to:

How are the Inductees selected for Membership in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame?

There are two (2) Selection Committees, one (1) in Eastern Canada and one (1) in Western Canada.Each Selection Committee is made up of a Chairperson, a Secretary and up to five (5) additional members.

Secret balloting is used. Nominees for election shall be rated in order of preference from one to eight. The Nominee receiving the best rating (the lowest number) shall be deemed to be elected as per the quota of candidates.

How are the selected Inductees contacted?

Only the Chair of the Governing Board, or his/her designate, shall contact the members and inform said persons, and only the Chair of the
Governing Board shall release the election results for general publication.

When is the Inductee Banquet?

The CLHoF banquet is held in the Fall of each year. Please refer to the tickets page for the date of the next banquet.

Who is invited to the Inductee Banquet?

The banquet is open to all.

How do I purchase tickets to this year's Banquet and Induction Ceremony?

Click the following link to purchase tickets.

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