2004 Lew Landess 506Lew Landress - began tinkering with a lacrosse stick at the age of eight.

Landess was known for snapping up loose balls like a high-powered vacuum cleaner. And, most often, the ball had popped out of the stick of a player checked into ineffectiveness by the quiet-spoken defensive specialist. Lew moved up through the Royal City minor divisions and turned to the Senior division in 1945 with the New Westminster Adanacs. In 1950, Brampton beckoned Landess to Ontario where he joined Archie Browning and Whitey Severson. In 1951-‘52, Landess joined the amalgamated Salmonacs; 1953 with the PNE Indians and then back with New West in 1954. When the Shamrocks made the Mann Cup finals against Peterborough in 1953 and 1954, Lew was summonsed as a pick-up player to bolster Victoria’s defense. Finally, in 1955, Landess moved to Victoria, aiding the Shamrocks to Mann Cup titles in 1955 and 1957 before retiring as an active player in 1960. Lew accumulated more than 400 senior points in Ontario and B.C.

He used guile and skill to keep his opponents in check. In fact, he only had seven major penalties in his entire 292-game Western career. Landess scored 245 goals and 117 assists for 362 points in the western Inter-City Lacrosse League and added another 29 goals and 15 assists with the 1950 Brampton Excelsiors.

Following his retirement, Landess kept his hand in the game coaching youngsters in Saanich in the ‘60’s and then piloting the Junior Shamrocks in 1965. Lew was also instrumental in the development of the Esquimalt Lacrosse Association.

Lew Landress (supplemental)