Dear Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee:

The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame is pleased to have partnered with Jostens for the creation of Inductee lifetime commemorative rings available for purchase by individual inductees.

Attached is a document from Jostens which includes a likeness of the ring and pricing information. It is very important to note that:

  1. Those eligible to purchase a CLHoF Ring from Jostens will be limited to inductees in the Veteran, Player and Builder categories only.
  2. Eligible inductees may purchase only one ring. Lost or stolen rings may not be replaced.
  3. The purchase of a ring MUST be directed to the CLHoF Board of Governors who will authorize and arrange for the purchase of the ring through Jostens. Eligible inductee communication with Jostens and/or their representative(s) will be for information purposes only.

 Please contact me if you would like to purchase a ring or have any additional questions.



David E. Lancaster CPA,CA