What hours are the Hall of Fame and Museum open?

You can find that information here (or via the "Visit" menu) but please note that the hours are subject to change by the Anvil Centre so you may wish to follow the link provided around holiday times to ensure you have the latest information.

What is the significance of your Logo and who designed it?

In 2012 the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Board decided to revitalize the logo for the Hall and called on Canada's lacrosse community to help out.  The Hall asked for artists across the country to show their original work through a new logo design that was to be a simple - but striking - emblem combine the concepts of tradition and the present and incorprate our motto "Our Game. Our Heritage."

Celta Riden, the designer/artist of the winning entry, was officially recognized at the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner when the Logo was officialy unveiled.

What is the timeline and History of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame?

A brief History of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

CLHoF Timeline

Date Description Notes
 1963 Initiation of concept Early in 1963 a group of lacrosse enthuisiasts in New Westminster decided that, because of the Royal City's historical background in the National Sport, that New Westminster would be an appropriate location for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
  Campaign for support With the blessing of the New Westminster City Council the interested parties applied to the Canadian Lacrosse Association for a Charter and an agressive campaign for support was mounted.
 1964 CLA Awards Charter The Charter from the Canadian Lacrosse Association was awarded in November of 1964.
 1965 Incorporation The Hall of Fame was incorporated under the Societies Act
  Selection Committees Selection committees were appointed in both the East and West to name the Charter Members of the Hall
1966 Initial Induction The selection committees met in Montreal on January 19, 1966 and 48 founding members were inducted into the Hall of Fame. A List of these Charter Members may be found here or they may viewed in this Gallery
1967 Official Opening On May 17, 1967 Tom Gordon, then President of the Canadian Lacrosse Association, officially opened the Hall of Fame premises.  The premises were located in New Westminster's Centennial Community Centre
1980 Hall Alterations In 1980 extensive alterations and additions were made in the Hall of Fame to allow for better presentation and understanding of the items on display and of Canada's National Sport.
1997 Addition of Veterans Category Induction of new members is made on an annual basis.  To the intial three categores - field players, box players, and builders - a Veteran Category was added in 1967 to preserve the memory of stars of yesteryear.
1998 Addition of Team Category The Board of Governors determined that it was important to recognize the success of the great teams of the game so added an outstanding Team Category in 1998.
2013 A new Logo As step before moving to our new home in 2014 the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame announces its new logo featuring our motto "Our Game. Our Heritage."
2014 A New Hall In November of 2014 - its 50th Anniversy - the Hall of Fame moved to our new location in the Anvil Centre and is open during the centre's business hours 7 days per week.  The Board of Governors would like to invite you to visit the Hall and walk down memory lane with the lacrosse greats. Some great pictures of the Hall and notes about its design may be found on the website of one of the exhibit and infographics designers
2015 Class of 2015

As of November 2015, 505 persons have been nonoured with election to the Hall of Fame - 149 Builders, 85 Field Players, 222 Box Players, and 49 Veterans.  There are 19 teams inducted in the Team Category.

2015 Honoured Inductee Gallery

2016 Revison Of Criteria

The Board of Governors determined and initiated a motion, passed at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, that the Induction Criteria and Nomination process should be updated to both reflect changes in the nature of the game and timing needs for announcement and proper honouring of new Inductees.

The new criteria and nomination forms are effective from the 2016 Induction year forward. Henceforth, there shall be four (4) classes of Membership in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame: Player, Veteran, Builder and Team.

Nominations for election as Honoured Members shall be made in writing and must be filed with the Chairs of the Eastern or Western Selection Committees, or the Governing Board Secretary, by no later than March 1st of the current year.

Since the opening of the Hall a steady flow of historical and championship pictures, famous lacrosse players sticks, seaters, plaques and trophies have been donated and gratefully accepted for display.

What are the criteria and process for selection of inductees into the Hall of Fame?

For a complete "Frequently Asked Questions" list for the criteria, nomination, and selection process go to our Nominations FAQ Page


You may download induction criteria or the nomination form

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